I am an artist based in Wantage in Oxfordshire.  I adore animals (especially the daft ones) and have a passion for drawing.  In combining these things, my goal is to bring out an animal’s character.  If you watch an animal long enough, it will do something entertaining.

In 2017 I was made redundant and I decided to take an online drawing course before starting a new job.  It changed my life.  It rekindled my love of drawing that I had as a child but lost after leaving school.  It also hugely decreased my stress levels, and I believe it cured a stress-related eye condition I had developed.  These days, drawing is as part of me as my eye colour.  It’s something I need to do.

Avril Parkes

I have been influenced by other artists such as Cindy Wider, Lisa Ann Watkins, Jason Morgan, and Stefan Baumann.  Their tutorials and support have been invaluable to me, and I thank them sincerely.

I am a member of the Association of Animal Artists and I have completed several commissions of pets and wildlife.  If you would like to commission a piece, get in touch and we can sort something out.

I live in Wantage with my husband and our backyard full of squirrels, goldfinches, robins and blue tits, and we are all very happy.

Association of Animal Artists

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